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Name: Emma E.
Bio: My names Emma. I was born in Nigeria but moved to the U.S. when i was 6. My family tries goes back every other year. I speak igbo really well. I am about to be a Jr. at Western Michigan University. Majoring in Nursing. When I finish with there Nursing Program I want to go for my MSN and one day work for Doctors Without Borders. My favorite color is pink, I LOVE my family, I like to go out and have fun, and I love meeting new people.
What Part: I’m from Owerri. Imo State.
Talents: My talents would be dancing, playing the piano, designing and I’m pretty good at sports!
Favorite thing about Nigeria: My favorite thing about Nigeria would be the Food. I love Nigerian food. I love cooking it, and eating it :D I also like the culture(s) in Nigeria, the different ethnic groups.


(Like this post if you think Emma should be Miss Nigeria.)

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