Anonymous asked:
Idris Elba might be too old, but he's so hot no one would care. I'm not a fan of those books at all, but for Idris? I'd be the first in line opening night.

Same… tbh




When you dancing at the club and a ugly nigga come up behind you.

Why I stay out the club

grimes-tuff asked:
Naw Christian should have been played by idris Elba and ol' girl should have been Kerry Washington or Samira Wiley

lol… i get your point… but none of that would work…lol 

All of them are too old for the roles

the characters are in their early to mid 20s….

I don’t really know who that could be… Keke Palmer?… hmmm…idk….

Who knows …
closethebooks-turnoffthelights asked:
Christian should've been player by Ian Somerhalder tbh

Yea I like him for the role but he looks a lil bit too old…

Anonymous asked:
I wanted Christian bale to play Christian grey tbh

the way he looks now? nah…lol

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a problem with how the relationship in 50 Shades is abusive, and not an actual respectful BDSM relationship? BDSM is built on a foundation of trust and often love. I'd argue neither was portrayed in that book. Just abuse and stalkerish tendencies.

I do agree the relationship is abusive. But I have my reasons for liking the series.

There are different types of BDSM relationships, and not all are respectful. Some of them like the book, are abusive and are stemmed from money, power, and previous abuse. Not all but some. Like anything, there are always 2 sides.

I know most of the appeal of the book, is the whole turning the bad boy good.

heartofmusicandfashion asked:
The unofficial trailer was wayyy betr than this one. They should have stuck with tht cast instead for 50 shades. Matt Bomer wud have been amazing as Christian.

I haven’t seen the unofficial trailer

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"We often forget that WE ARE NATURE. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves."
Andy Goldsworthy (via divinespirit)